Birmingham – Building a green City

As part of our work to support the City’s Green Vision Building a Green City, MEBC (or MEBC the Midlands Branch of UK BCSD) hosted the Natural Capital City workshop at this years BASE Birmingham Conference.  The Workshop, chaired by MEBC’s Pat Laughlin  a member of the City Council’s  Green Commission leading work on ‘Building a Green City, considered a report from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Urban Infrastructure Initiative which has been led by its business members.

This Initiative has examined the importance of developing an integrated infrastructure in future urban design and the role which business should play in delivering this using examples from cities across the globe.

Nick Grayson of Birmingham City Council and Susan Lee from the University of Birmingham’s Liveable Cities project showed  how this theme can be translated into a local context: MEBC and members Skanska, CH2mHill, Fira, Severn Trent and Lafarge are working with the City and Nick and his team to develop an assessment tool designed to aid future planning decisions.  The aim of the Tool is to use natural capital assessment to integrate essential infrastructure in any new development while minimising the associated environmental impact.

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