New Thinking From UK Business Council For Sustainable Development

Letter from UK BCSD Chairman, Nick Simpson

When I took on the Chairmanship of UK BCSD, alongside Vice Chairman, Jason Longhurst of Central Bedfordshire Council, we knew the time was right to put UK BCSD under the spotlight, in order to ensure we work to our – and our members’ – strengths.

Our core objective is as relevant as ever – bringing the economic potential of sustainable development back to mainstream business and Government thinking.  However, considerable national and international economic and political uncertainty post-Brexit, has focussed the mind further.

In fact, it is this relative instability that presents UK BCSD with a unique opportunity.  Because we are an independent and cross-sectoral organisation, representing the voice of business, it is our collective influence that is highly valued by the new Government.  You are in a position to help set the agenda for sustainable development from a business perspective, nurture relationships with policymakers and, critically in this ‘brave new world’, maximise our strong links with our global parent, WBCSD, thereby offering the best of our national and international expertise.

This letter is both an invitation and a call to action. We will keep you informed of our progress in the coming months, including plans for a networking event later in the year.

Please do get in touch with me via UK BCSD if you would like to discuss further.

Nick Simpson

Chair, UK BCSD

Victoria Kinally is a researcher for the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development and Midlands Environmental Business Company.

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