UK Government Embraces Natural Infrastructure

The UK Government has announced investment in flood alleviation measures based on enhancing natural resilience.

More than 1,000 properties across Delph, Uppermill, Stalybridge, Mossley, Hayfield, Glossop and Whaley Bridge will benefit from the pioneering ‘Slow the Flow’ project.

The project will ‘slow the flow’ of water reaching rivers and watercourses upstream of communities at flood risk. Measures to slow the flow of water – from peat restoration to woodland planting and leaky barriers – will trap sediment and help to reduce the need for channel maintenance.

The scheme is one of 58 across England which will benefit from £15 million of government funding for natural flood defences.

Recognising the benefits of Investment in natural infrastructure has been a major theme for WBCSD and for the UK BCSD delivery programme. For more about the WBCSD programme.

visit www.wbcsd.org/Clusters/Water/ Natural-Infrastructure-for-Business


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