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Funding for Low Carbon Development Workshop Glasgow 18.8.14. Sponsored by Jacobs

UK BCSD’ in Scotland’s Funding for Low Carbon Development in Glasgow gave delegates the opportunity to hear about a range of funding opportunities and initiatives available to support businesses and public sector organisations with investments in Low Carbon technologies.  The key message to emerge from the debate was that lack of investment  in all sectors is not the result of a shortage of suitable funding but the difficulty of accessing it; often due to a lack of resource or technical knowledge in the applicant’s organisation; but frequently the result of poor information about the benefits – particularly the likely return on investment.  The Scottish Government, public sector organisations and the private sector can offer help and advice, see below for a short synopsis of each presentation.


Scottish Futures Trust has been established by the Scottish Government to work with public bodies to improve energy efficiency in public buildings.  SFT holds data which can demonstrate the likely payback period and return on investment from an energy efficiency investment scheme and can advise on the most appropriate scheme for a building or estate portfolio. Contact Stephen Vere at (Stephen.Vere@scottishfuturestrust.org.uk)

Zero Waste Scotland runs a single Waste and Resources Delivery and the Resource Efficient Scotland programmes funded by the Scottish Government. It provides a One Stop Shop advice service for businesses , communities and the public sector and manages a portfolio of support packages and finance.   Contact Bert Ward at (Marissa.Lippiatt@resourceefficientscotland.com)

The Green Initiative is supported by the Scottish Government.  Its role is to collect and hold data on possible sources of funding for Low Carbon technologies;  Waste and resource Delivery to package or aggregate these funds as required for specific programmes; to and to identify investment opportunities or potential projects for funders.  They can match your project to a suitable source of funding. Contact Jonathan Guthrie at (Jonathan.Guthrie@scotland.gsi.gov.uk)

The Scottish Investment Bank (SIB)  is part of Scottish Enterprise.  It is a resource for business with access to a range of loan and venture capital funding to assist established businesses with an approved plan for growth.  SIB can introduce businesses to approved sources of finance, provide match funding if required as a single investment and support the implementation of the growth plan.  Contact Vicki Hazley (SIBAdmin@scotent.co.uk)

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) is a UK-wide initiative owned by the British Government with a dedicated resource in Scotland. Its has £3.8bn capital to invest and its remit is to accelerate the UK’s transition to a Green Economy. Its investment targets are Offshore Wind, Waste and Bioenergy and Energy Efficiency and support is available to both the public and private sectors. Contact Iain Watson at (Iain.Watson@greeninvestmentbank.com)

E.ON.  Richard Scott described how the private sector can support investment in renewable energy,  One of E.ONs target areas is the provision of District heating schemes.  E.ON see this as a three stage proces involving a generator and infrastructure provider and an ESCO.  As an energy business it can provide all three but its aim is to work with developers and Locval Authorities to create the most appropriate scheme (with partners) for the locality but is willing to consider investment in all or any stages. Contact Richard Scott at (Richard.scott@eonenergy.com).

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