Focus Groups

Our focus groups work towards delivering WBCSD’s Vision 2050 and Action 2020 Programmes in the UK.
They are member-led and bring together companies from across the UK who may not ordinarily work together to deliver projects and create new business opportunities.

  • UK BCSD Energy Group

    Remit – Improved Energy Efficiency and Security

    Chaired by E.ON
    The Energy Group continues to deliver exemplar site visits, ongoing research programmes with partners focusing on removing barriers to energy efficiency investment and identifying funding opportunities to support implementation.

    Our objectives are

    Produce a set of guidance documents on energy efficiency and renewable technologies for SMEs.

    • Distributed Energy Technologies Guide
    • Finding suitable finance
    • Business benefits of implementing energy efficiency
    • Best practice case studies
    Examine energy and carbon management in the construction of major infrastructure projects in relation to managing energy demand and improving energy security and carbon emission reduction.  

    • Carbon management – major infrastructure projects
    • Smart Grid & grid capacity (to encompass DE schemes)
    • Waste to Energy programmes
    • Smart Cities (energy demand)
     Raise awareness about finance issues relating to the implementation energy efficiency and security

    • Access to capex, especially for SMEs
    • Alternative financing models and their availability
    • Improved public procurement of energy management systems
    • Ownership and management of risk associated large DE schemes.

  • Manufacturing and Engineering Focus Group

    Chaired by Tata Steel

    Remit – Promote best business practice in the implementation of sustainability in engineering and manufacturing

    Our objectives are.

    • Onshoring/Reshoring in the UK
    • Complete and publish findings of ongoing research programme
    • Promoting market opportunity for UK business in Sustainable Construction in China
    • UK Supply Chain development for Offshore Wind
  • Natural Capital & Ecosystems Valuation Business Reference Group

    Remit – Provide business input to policymakers and raise awareness of the importance of natural capital and ecosystems services to business


    Our objectives are:

    • Test the value of ecosystems services valuation as a business tool through at least three pilot studies
    • Develop CEV Lite as an accessible business package for SMEs and delivery across supply chains
    • Engage with policymakers at national and local level on biodiversity and biodiversity offsetting as an economic tool
    • Maintain involvement with key agencies (e.g. NCC, VNN, Natural Capital Coalition, Defra) and provide ongoing input to operations and policy debate
    Pilot projects to include:

    • Natural Capital City Model roadtesting
    • Llandarcy, South Wales Land Use pilot
    • National Grid resilience project
    • Trio project, ecosystems and supply chains supply (National Grid, Skanska, Lafarge Tarmac)

    To view the focus group page click here

  • UK BCSD Water Focus Group

    Chaired by Ondeo Industrial Solutions

    Remit – Exchange best business practice in process water efficiency and management

    Water as a critical resource – 2015 objectives

    – Raise the profile of water as a Critical Resource on the corporate agenda

    – Catalyse behavioural change in UK business by promoting practical sustainable solutions to improved water management building on global experience of WBCSD

    – Develop a business friendly water management performance measurement tool for high demand sectors to enable companies to target process improvement to reduce demand and contract effectively for supply when water competition is introduced

    – Provide a focus for innovation and investment in R&D for products and services which reduce risk and improve the resilience of the water infrastructure; reduce the need for new infrastructure especially in urban environments; and support small-scale localised water management and treatment facilities.

    This group is chaired by Ondeo Industrial Solutions