Have you ever thought about joining UK BCSD? Here’s why you should…

UK BCSD is the UK’s leading organisation dedicated to supporting businesses in the transformation to profitable sustainable business growth through programmes which create an effective balance of economic, social and environmental activity. We are not for profit and support our member
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Next SMART Cities event to be held in Cardiff

Registration is now open for our next SMART Cities event which will be held in Cardiff on the 2nd Feb. The concept of the Smart City is well known and is used to describe many initiatives and projects. Population growth and resource constraints mean that cities are being driven to pro
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UKBCSD’s Latest Natural Capital project to be launched in Jan…

Or latest research project has been focusing on Natural Capital in the Cornwall AONB. The aims are: • To try and understand the benefits and value of natural capital and measure the state and extent of natural capital in the AONB. • To assess the dependency of Cornwall’s economy on na
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Responsible Business Awards in Wales

The Responsible Business Awards in Wales are now open!  View the categories and choose which your organisation will enter below.  “The Wales Awards are rightly a highpoint of the Business in the Community Cymru calendar and one that I am thoroughly looking forward to being part
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Bioeconomy Accelerator Funding for Scottish Companies

Funding opportunity for businesses and organisations working in industrial biotechnology, food and drink, and the wider bioeconomy in Scotland. The bioeconomy has an important role to play in the development of Scotland’s circular economy. We have created the Bioeconomy Accelerator in
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UK BCSD CEO to speak at WWF Event

A Living Planet, A Sustainable Economy? Developing a Welsh economy which improves people’s lives, while addressing the increasing pressure on natural resources and the loss of wildlife. How can we develop a Welsh economy which improves people’s lives, while addressing the increasing p
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