UK BCSD Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Valuation Business Reference Group

The UK BCSD NCESV Business Reference group comprises of representatives from

  • National Grid
  • Arup
  • Skanska
  • Lafarge/Tarmac
  • First Summit
  • Jacobs
  • CH2MHill
  • Heineken UK
  • Pegasus


What does Natural Capital mean to our members?


“The sustainable stewardship of natural capital is core to our business. As a provider of construction materials we rely on the provision of minerals and seek to manage these sustainably in three key ways;

1. Preserving the resource by utilizing and promoting the choice of recycled and secondary alternative materials where possible.

2. Enhancing the value provided by the resource by producing special products and solutions that contribute to a sustainable built environment that is relied on by society.

3. Creating additional natural capital value during and post operations by implementing our biodiversity and restoration management plans. 

In order to support and better understand our role in managing natural capital we have undertaken to participate in the UK Government’s Natural Capital Committee’s pilot of their Corporate Natural Capital Accounting Framework. Through membership and partnership with key NGO’s such as the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts we are also supporting and contributing to their work in this area.

Our focus on delivering a net gain for biodiversity is also demonstrated by the award of the prestigious Cooper Heyman Trophy for outstanding restoration projects at the MPA / Natural England Restoration & Biodiversity Awards in 2009 (Alrewas), 2011 (Bellmoor) and most recently in 2013 (Ibsley).”

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